Why are lifeguards important at the pool?

  • Lifeguards are professionally trained in providing on the spot life saving emergency care.
  • Lifeguards enforce pool rules and keep an orderly environment.
  • Lifeguards are trained to identify dangerous situations, spot distressed swimmers and make rescues.

Our lifeguards are certified with either Red Cross or Ellis and Associates training.  All of our lifeguards receive additional instruction on the specifics of each pool they guard, and continuing in-service training as the season goes on.  Providing our own training and audits ensures our staff's professionalism, and the safety of your pool

Comprehensive Aquatics Risk Management:

It is not like you see in the movies, a drowning victim does not splash and yell for help as they struggle.  Often, drowning victim slip beneath the surface of the water with no struggle or cry for help.  Our lifeguards are trained to spot these often silent drowning victims and provide the latest first aid treatment if needed.